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2103 Grand View Dr.
St.Simons Island
GA. 31522
Ph.: (912) 638-0947

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About Will Roberson

Will Roberson is the ultimate in single Entertainers/DJ's when your occasion demands the very best! A tireless, flamboyant worker, Will blends a wide variety of musical styles and selections from the 1940's through the new millineum and beyond while often working a complete 3 to 4 hour set without a break.

PROFESSIONALISM: From being a self-taught guitarist in 1965 to working with many stars over his career, Will has learned his craft from the best! We believe Will's career speaks for itself! Below, we have provided a brief summary of the credentials Will has to offer:

1965: Accomplished self taught guitarist.

1966-1970 Lead guitarist and vocalist for "Southern Sounds of Soul," who opened for:
1. "The Showmen" (39-21-40-Shape) (It Will Stand)-Billboards's #69 in 1961.
2. "Spanky and Our Gang" (I'd Like To Get To Know You)-Billboard's #17 in 1968. (Sunday Will Never Be The Same)-Billboard's #9 in 1967.
The "Southern Sounds of Soul" made their first recording in 1969 (I Really Love You) (Main Squeeze) with Will Roberson acting as co-writer. Band members on this recording include; Johnny Keith, Roy Davis, Jimmy Highsmith, Jay Bowen, Don Kelly, Mickey McCrary, and Ted White. Other band members included Danny Broadhurst, Gerald Howard, Henry Wynn, David Harrelson, and James (Bubba) Reeves.

1970-1972 Lead guitarist and vocalist for "Poppafoxx," who opened for: "Dennis Yost and the "Classics IV" (Spooky)-Billboard's #12 in 1968. (Stormy)-Billboard's #5 in 1968-1969. (Everyday With You Girl)-Billboard's #19 in 1969. (Traces)-Billboard's #2 in 1969. Band members at this time included: Jeff Hires, Johnny Keith, Jimmy Highsmith, Madison Gibson, Gerald Gibson, Jim Wade, and Jay Bowen. Other band members included: Lou Van Dora, Willard "Dub" Collins, James "Bubba" Reeves, and Bill Smith.

1973 Lead guitarist and vocalist for "Malachi," whose members included Ronald McCarty, Nick Graham, Jeff Parker, and Kenny Harper.

1974-1975 Lead guitarist and vocalist for "Atlanta South" who opened for:
1. "Looking Glass" (Brandy)-Billboard's #1 in 1972.
2. "Rare Earth" (I Just want to Celebrate)-Billboard's #7 in 1971. (Get Ready)-Billboard's #4 in 1970. (I'm Losing You)-Billboard's #7 in 1970.
3. "Gallery" (I Believe In Music)-Billboard's #22 in 1972. (Nice to Be With You)-Billboard's #4 in 1972.
4. "R B Greaves" (Take A Letter Maria)-Billboard's #2 in 1969.
5. "Dennis Yost and the Classics IV."
Band members included: Mike Henderson, Jeff Parker, Frank Head, and Gerald Gibson.

1975 Lead guitarist and vocalist for "The Dover Bluff Band," who opened for blues legend, "Eddie Kirkland." Also, opened for "Hydra." Band members included: Gerald Gibson, Jeff Parker, and Frank Head.

1975-1976 Lead guitarist and vocalist for "Percy Sledge" (When A Man Loves A Woman)-Billboard's #1 in 1966. (Warm and Tender Love)-Billboard's #17 in 1966. (Take Time To Know Her)-Billboard's #11 in 1968. Lead guitarist for "Vic Waters," who opened for "Dickie Lee" (She Thinks I Still Care)-Billboard's #1 in 1962. (Rocky)-Billboard's #1 in 1975. (Keeper of the Stars)-1995 Country Music Association "Song of the Year"), "Cal Smith" (The Lord Knows I'm Drinking)-Billboard's #1 in 1974, and "Little David Wilkins." Band members included; Mike Henderson, Lanny Grammer, Larry Parrish, and Paul Jackson.

1976 First full length recording (Both Sides) - composing and producing 9 original songs. Began career as a single Entertainer/DJ. Founded Amerientertainment.

1977-1985 Opened for "Ed Bruce" (You're The Best Break This Heart Ever Had)-Billboard's #1 in 1981. Opened for "Shelly West" (You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma)-Billboard's #1 in 1981. (Jose Cuervo- You Are A Friend of Mine.)-Billboard's #1 in 1983. Opened for the "Coasters" (Youngblood)-Billboard's #8 in 1957. (Charlie Brown)-Billboard's #2 in 1959. (Yakkity Yak)-Billboard's #1 in 1958.

1986-1994 Recorded 2nd CD entitled "Boomers," a variety CD of popular oldies.

1995-1998 Continued single Entertainer/DJ act doing special engagements (Wedding Receptions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas Parties, Festivals, Corporate Conventions, Fraternities and Sororities.) Will also sings and DJs for Restaurants and Nightclubs. In 1996, wrote, copyrighted and published book and accompanying video, "Amerientertainment's Guitar Learning System."

1999-2001 Entertainment Director for the cruise ship "Emerald Princess."

2002-PRESENT Currently involved with Special Events/Engagements. Teaches guitar seminars in colleges and universities in the United States. Will is a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). In addition, Will is a member of the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association).

Education: A 1983 graduate of Georgia Southern University, Will holds a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Marketing with an emphasis in sales and sales management. He understands success and what it takes to be successful!

Experience & Commitment: Will's commitment to the music industry has produced two recordings of his own and several others of varied artists. He continues to learn or produce the material necessary for each individual performance. It is not at all unusual to hear him perform a song from the 50's or 60's, follow that with a Garth Brooks or Kenny Chesney song, then go into "DJ Mode" with "OutKast"/"Usher" or the latest dance music. Will has always presented hit songs that are or were popular. Will sings 1000 songs and DJ's 1000's of others. In a career that spans 40 years, Will's goal is still to make each performance special and to deliver the music that makes each individual's "Dream Day" a reality. Will has given well over 100,000 performances from New York to Nashville to Florida!


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